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RTG’s poker rooms are renowned for their attractive graphics. They make up a great gambling community. As regards roulette, the goal of the game is to foresee on which number the ball will stop. There are many various strategies of predicting the future. Many of them are not dependable. However, if you’re intelligent enough, you can devise your own strategy. In American Roulette, there are zero and double zero fields. It means that more possibilities of betting exist, but the chance of winning gets smaller. Accordingly, it’s better to play European Roulette. As for the history of this casino game, it has become very popular in Europe in the sixteenth century owing to France, where it was developed. There are a few rules in roulette, they are called En Prison, La Partage and Surrender. To sum up, the casino’s advantage over the player varies and depends on the version we are playing. It can be from two to over five percent. It seems that it’s not much but it makes a huge difference.







Energy Casino, Spin Room Casino and OVO Casino are managed by Novomatic as well. Currently, there’s a great number of casinos available and we can sniff at them. It takes time to find a one that will entirely suit our needs and liking. Almost every casino offer a downloadable software, but there are ones which enable us to play directly in a window of our Internet browser. It’s a very convenient solution owing to the fact we don’t need to waste our hard disk drive’s capacity. And we don’t lose time by installing the software. That is really handy especially on older computers. Casinos are places which attract people thanks to their colourful interface. Even the home page tries to make us addicted to the casino. Some Jackpots add up to a few thousand euro.

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